AngelEye Camera

Meaningful Connection During Critical Moments

  • The Angel Eye Virtual Care Platform provides hospital NICUs, PICUs, ICUs, Surgery and other departments with a robust clinical and family virtual communication and patient/family education system. The Platform is based on a camera/audio system developed at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences (UAMS) over a six-year period, dating back to 2006.
  • The Family Engagement application provides families with 24-hour access to view their loved one via any device that has an internet connection (smartphone, PC, tablet, etc.). This is especially beneficial for remote parents and grandparents of children who cannot be physically present during a critical care episode.
  • The Patient & Family Education application supports easy sharing of both document and video-based educational materials customized for the condition, or specific unit of the hospital. These videos are securely stored per HIPAA regulations. Content is available for up to 90 days after the patient is discharged.
  • The Clinical Communication application supports store and forward video communication from the clinical staff to families. This application allows the provider to send update videos and/or educational videos through the secure platform to the parent accounts. Parent accounts will receive a push notification through the app that has received a new video and will have access to Virtual Round video for 24 hours